Endpoint protection technology, which allows multiple protection beyond the classical anti-virus protection, is developing rapidly and thus, it can save time and reduce the complexity of information technology security management with the various protection and monitoring modules it offers to the users.

The perception that antivirus software is sufficient for security on end-user computers has become established. However, while the diversity of security threats is increasing and becoming more complex, the rapidly changing abilities of these threats make security solutions invalid and only antivirus solutions have become unable to meet expectations. In addition to antivirus software, endpoint protection technology has emerged due to the necessity of solutions such as firewall, IPS, application and device control and device monitoring, and in this direction, the need to protect the end user against multiple threats.

Organizations should definitely examine the endpoint protection technology in order to benefit from multi-layered defense applications, to protect against potential threats both today and tomorrow, and to minimize the security vulnerabilities on the end user side.

So much so that it offers anti-malware, real-time protection, anti-spyware, encryption, application and device control, behavior monitoring, protection against web threats, data loss prevention, protection against browser attacks, prevention of network and user-based attacks, and much more. Endpoint protection technology, which allows to obtain more than one protection shield, is a proactive solution that can prevent the mistakes that the end user may be making unknowingly at the security point.

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