System integration is the name given to ensuring that more than one system works as a single system by bringing them together. Systems integrators combine discrete systems using various techniques such as computer networks, enterprise application integration, business process management or programming.

Horizontal Integration, or in other words ESB, Enterprise Service Bus, is a type of integration made with the aim of ensuring the communication of a special subsystem with other systems. Enterprise Service Bus is a type of integration that has the ability to convert one interface to another. In this way, it is possible to make integration more flexible and with less cost. In systems that have been integrated in this way, it will be possible to renew or completely replace subsystems. In such cases, it will be sufficient to provide the new interface connection between the subsystems that provide similar functionality to be used and the Enterprise Service Bus.

Vertical integration, on the other hand, is faster than Enterprise Service Bus and is a more economical type of integration in the short term, as it only includes integration with the necessary servers. However, it is an integration type that requires very high cost and integration effort in case of development needs in a new subsystem or existing subsystem.

Star Integration or Spaghetti Integration, on the other hand, is a type of integration in which each system is integrated with other subsystems. In such integrations, adding new subsystems becomes very costly. Star integration may be preferred in systems with subsystems that require frequent use of similar functionality.

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