Consulting services have been increasing in Turkey recently. Institutions and businesses seek to solve their problems and meet their needs by getting services from consultancy firms that are experts in many fields from branding to marketing, from human resources to accounting. The sector is expanding the scope of consultancy services day by day by including new fields and trying to meet the increasing demands by trying to train new consultants. However, the fact that consultancy is not fully accepted as a profession and the consultants are not given any documents or permissions cause many people to become consultants. Many people call themselves as consultants, such as retired and expert individuals, those who have left their work place for one reason or another, and those who wish to provide consultancy services on subjects that are suitable for their knowledge and skills while they are currently working, and they are working on certain subjects in this field. It has become a common occurrence nowadays. In particular, the increase in the number of unsuccessful applications has shaken the trust of the institutions receiving services in the consultants, and the information that cannot produce tangible benefits has been rendered worthless.

The job of transferring the knowledge and skills of the individual or individuals who are specialized in a special field to the institution they serve within a certain period of time in accordance with the defined job description is called consultancy. The important point here is that the individuals working as consultants are experienced and expert individuals in the field specified in the job description.

ERY Informatics provides consultancy services to its customers with an expert and experienced team.


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