If your servers and computers are not in harmony with each other, all these units will not make any sense for your institution. Today's working conditions force institutions to reach information quickly, and to deliver this information to the institution and the points where it is being worked in the fastest and healthiest way. If the network infrastructure of your institution is not working properly, this means that you are running behind your competitors.

ERY Informatics evaluates the existing network structure of companies, determines current and future needs and offers network solutions. By positioning the most suitable and most accurate product, it offers its customers more efficient working opportunities with wireless network, fiber network, wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) solutions.

Local area network (LAN) is an infrastructure that efficiently meets the needs of peripheral units such as computers, printers, faxes, and servers located in the same building or company.

ERY Informatics thinks it would be more beneficial to consider the system integration as a whole. With a smart local area network (LAN) solution that works and is managed well, it carries the performance far above the expectations of the customer and eliminates the problems experienced. It ensures that the servers are delivered to the users without any loss of the processing power coming from the data storage units on the network.

Wide area network (WAN) is an infrastructure that meets the communication needs of institutions such as branches, stores, factories, technical sales and warehouses located in different geographical regions.

ERY Informatics provides a service that covers all processes from the design of the communication infrastructure to the installation-commissioning and operation support by examining the infrastructure of the customer company for wide area network (WAN) solutions.

Network Analysis Team

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