Downloaded Sophos SSL VPN file is 0 Kb

Seems I forgot to publish this article. According to pictures, this article was written before the pandemic in Feb of 2020. Our sales team delivered to me a Sophos XG 115 Firewall and they wanted me to config it according to the customer’s infrastructure and demands.

At the end of the installation I needed to config the SSL VPN and I completed it and wanted to try whether it works or not. I downloaded the SSL VPN config file but something was wrong because the size of the downloaded file was 0 kb.

It says the file is 0 kb, as in the picture above. Then I needed to check out the written information on the Default Certificate. I made countless research on google and Sophos community. Many of them were mentioning about the written information of the certificate authority.

Certificate authority information was okay and its firmware of Sophos was up to date. I had taken a look at Sophos community and found this solution. Keep the pattern updates up to date, then your problem will be solved.

System > Backup & Firmware > Pattern updates 

Thanks to Sophos community. Thanks for your time reading my article about Sophos SSL VPN.