Disabling Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

Recently Microsoft announced that they updated their authentication methods both on Azure and Office 365 as default security. Some accesing problems occured after Microsoft announced the MFA as default security. Even IT Staffs who works our company couldn’t access their Office365 services. We downloaded Authenticator which was published by Microsoft on Google Play Store and Apple Store but we couldn’t even access our emails via desktop apps.

Anyway we decided to disable the MFA for our company and our clients for a while.

If you are looking for how to disable multi-factor authentication on Office 365, you will see how to do here.

How to Disable Manage Security defaults?

  1. Log in portal.azure.com as a tenant admin account. This account may be your onmicrosoft.com account.
  2. Click on the Azure Active Directory at the bottom of the web site and follow the given steps below.
  3. Properties > Manage Security defaults > Enable Security defaults > Leave it as No.

It will be shown as below.

After this changing the MFA will be disabled and there is no need to use authentication anymore.

Have a great day