Apache Tomcat 9.0 service doesn’t start

Hello a few months ago I had installed the ESET Security Management Center for one of our customers and today I saw that the ERA (ESET Remote Administrator) doesn’t work.

I tried to find out why does it not run without any intervention. I checked the services which related to ERA. I saw that Tomcat didn’t work.

I knew that Tomcat runs with the Java, and I checked the Java version which is currently installed on the machine. It was weird, because it was a newer version than I had installed it. I just wanted to know if there is any update with Java, and check it via Java Configure. I use the latest version of Java, it said.

I uninstalled the installed version of the Java and restart the server. I found the recommended version (jre-8u181-windows-x64) for ESET Security Management Center and installed it. When the installation is finished, i tried to run the TomCat and it worked successfully.

I hope it help you to fix your problem if you use the version of Tomcat 9.0.